Louis Vuitton Horton Plaza Downtown San Diego

  1. :idea: Hello my loves!!! I just got back from Louis Vuitton Horton Plaza... I had to go buy a monogram belt for my boyfriend but anyhow....there were plenty of silver miroir pouchette accessories there. I saw 2 on display and asked if they had more and the manager at the store said they had a few of them. I forgot to ask them if they had it in gold...it was such a beautiful piece in real life. Just thought I'd share:yahoo: :wtf: :wtf:
  2. ^ wow, thank you, good to know..hmmmm may be I will check it out tomorrow. I don't like LV in Horton plaza because female SA aren't that friendly. thanks for the info..your BF would be so happy
  3. yay. i cant wait to open my miroir pochette. christmas is coming so slowly this year!!!
  4. Great heads up! Hear that girls who are looking!
  5. Ooh..that is incredibly tempting! Too bad I don't know whether I'm already getting one for Christmas or not.
  6. Doesn't hurt to have a back up. :graucho: KIDDING! Although, I'm one to talk with an extra Speedy and Pochette. I have no idea what to do with them. :shrugs:
  7. Haha. My mom told me to "stop buying myself presents." Lol..I guess she doesn't want me to duplicate anything. I reeeally want one though.
    But hey, you're right..having a few is better than having none at all lol.