Louis Vuitton & Hong Kong

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  1. I am visiting Hong Kong in March 07 --- I have always been told that I should wait until I go to Asia to buy LV since it is cheaper and I can get my VAT refunded. I wanted to see if this was true since I have been drooling over the Keepall 50 and the Sac Plat (both in monogrammed canvas).

    Any feedback would be appreciated......
  2. I didn't know there's a VAT return from buying things in Hong Kong! :wtf:
  3. there isn't..trust me, im from HONG KONG.
  4. I may be wrong about the VAT, so don't quote me on that. And hence these are the things I need to know :smile:
  5. There's no Tax when you buy things in HK, so there will be no VAT returns :shrugs:

    I found that the prices are about the same, so basically you just save the tax. However, you have to worry about smuggling everything past customs on your way back :s
  6. I figure ever since smuggling in enough liquor into the US to supply a small bar in college in nothing but a duffle bag, I can smuggling in some Louis Vuitton. I figure the easiest thing to do is actually use it on the trip back -- additionally, my bf is coming with me and can "use" something else. All the pieces could pass for either sex.....

    Thank you for the explaination on the VAT -- appreciate it!
  7. Yeah.. no tax so no VAT and in my prior experience.. it depends on the item because I found that LV was the only store where the price in HK with no tax was more than prices in Canada including tax which says a lot since the tax in Canada was 15% at the time I was comparing. But I only checked a few items and this was almost 2 years ago though. Maybe things are different now.
  8. anyone with an idea how much the MC eliza is in hk? :smile:
  9. Items from HK might be cheaper than the US depending on how much tax you are paying in the US since in HK there is no tax....
  10. but if without tax like let's say in elux, its cheaper in US right?
  11. My cousin goes to HK often and we've compared prices before, it's about the same. Depending on which specific itemm you buy, there's like.....max 20$ difference of the ones we looked at... so ya.... 20$ aint' much imo.....

    However, I'm from Canada (6%GST and 7.5%PST), so for me, HK is always a lil cheaper
  12. Paris is still the cheapest if you can find a way to get from there.. coupled with the VAT refund, the price is the best, I only get it from there when friends go there.
  13. You have to really check your prices, sometime they are higher. Last year, even with no tax the pieces I was interested in were 5-6% high than the prices here is CA with 8 % tax
  14. As far as I know, the places you could get the cheapest LV from are Paris and Dubai and prices in the US are always cheaper (from a whole lot to a little bit) than in Asia. I could be wrong though!

    I think we should do a price check for each of the countries since the ladies here come from all over the globe, like say, the speedy 25 in US is $595, in France 400 euro, and so on :yes:
  15. italy its 465 euro for the speedy 30, US its $620, in hk i think around $660? not sure though... philippines its around $702, i know singapore is cheaper than US. not sure about thailand.