Louis Vuitton Hong Kong *Pics*

  1. I just came from Hong Kong. I got so inspired:tender: by LVCRAZED's Speedy collection that I (errr...my husband) got 2 Speedies myself. They have a lot of stock of the Azur but the Mini Lin was the last one in all of Hong Kong. The SA at Louis Vuitton Landmark, Rae, is very helpful and very nice. She located and reserved the last Mini Lin for me in Lee Gardens.

    By the way, ALL of the 5 LV branches there are bursting with Pomme D'Amour and Pearl Vernis because of the Chinese New Year display.

    Also, my hubby computed that it was a couple of dollars cheaper if you pay with US dollars instead of Hong Kong dollars.

    I'm so happy with my beautiful, new bags. :love:
  2. Lovely!!! Question: is the mini lin waterproofed?
    Enjoy your new treasures!
  3. Thanks! I definitely will.;)

    It says on the little booklet that "the canvas is protected by an anti-stain treatment". But I don't think it's waterproofed because it also says the you can clean the canvas by delicately wiping it with a slightly humid and soaped cloth (neutral soap) and to keep it away from humidity.
  4. :yahoo: Very nice choices, Congrat's.
  5. Congrats!!!
  6. ahh they are lovely! wow hong kong i bet the boutiques are great!
  7. Your speedys are beautiful. Congrats.
  8. Oh I really love the minilin. Congrats!
  9. lovely. enjoy your bags congrats. i love the mini lin im so inlove with mine

  10. WOO HOO!!!! Congrats!!!!!! :yahoo: Yay!! I'm glad I was able to inspire!! :graucho: Thanks!! :yes: Awww, 2 Speedy Beauts!!!!!!

    I'm glad you were able to get the last Mini Lin!!! Such a nice addition!! ..and the Azur!! OMG I'm lovin' mine...boy, does "she" get alot of attention.

    Over the wkend I noticed my Azur was causing alot of head turns/"rubber necking" heehee!....:happydance: (No comments...yet... :sad:) but I'll take the head turns!!

    Congrats again & Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :jammin:
  11. congratulations
  12. Congrats.
  13. Congratulations. Glad u love shopping in HK. I'm living here in HK. Yes, the display of Pearl Vernis & Pomme r making every HK'ers into frenzy, hehe. I love the mini lin speedy. Prefer this to mono speedy.
  14. Fabulous,,,, soooo jealous and happy for you for your azur speedy!!! I adore it!!! Soooo excited you love the mini lin, mine's on its way... is yours the 30? So beautiful together, thanks for the info on the min lin, very helpful.

    Isn't it interesting that you can't find the azur (very difficult) in the states, but the mini lin isn't a problem, where it's different in Hong Kong... god, I would LOVE to go to Hong Kong and see the LV!!! I'm so crazy for perle right now... both perle and pomme will be so fab inside both of those speedies!
  15. Congrats! They are lovely!