Louis Vuitton Honfleur

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  1. I have been looking for a Louis Vuitton Honfleur, for an evening bag, and I came across this on ebay:


    Do you LV aficionados think it's for real? The price is incredible but it seems a little unsettling because before this, the seller has just basically sold a ton of camera straps for about a buck- which has brought his feedback up, and now this LV! (Maybe I shouldn't be concerned).

    I'd love your advice!:yes:
  2. I would vote fake, but would love to hear from someone else.
  3. Looks good to me....but the starting bid price seems kinda low 49.99$?!?!?!? with no reserve?....So iono kinda fishy. Also, I don't own any epi pieces so I ain't no expert....Anyway, i don't think I'd bid on it if i were you, Honfleur isn't THAT expensive (about 575$US+tax) so I'd just go to the store because a real Honfleur would probably end up around 400$ on ebay which isn't a whole lot of saving...
  4. The bag and the heat stamping look real. A picture of the heat stamp would help though... :yes:

    It's at $49.99 right now, but it still has 4 days left... I doubt it will stay at that price... ;)
  5. Please post all authenticity Qs in the Authenticate this LV sticky provided. Thank you.:smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.