Louis Vuitton Holiday Celebration

  1. If you receive an invitation, what would you wear?
  2. It’s more casual than you think. Don’t over dress.
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  3. Oh that is good to hear and I was worried about under dressing. LOL I'm thinking of jeans with a dressier top and shoes. Nicer jewelry and call it a night. Too casual?
  4. a question following up, I got an invitation too, am I obligated to make a purchase in the party?
  5. That’s pretty much how I dress to these events.

    I do make an effort to wear LV at the very least.
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  6. Oh this is a great question!!! I was making an assumption I would need to buy. I am interested to hear from others.
  7. Oh yea! You're my kind of person! I will definitely have LV on. Now, the struggle becomes which one! I vote for the one most closely matching the clothing.
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  8. No obligation.
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  9. thanks!
  10. I've been to many of these. They serve you champagne and mini bites. They may or may not have a DJ. It's mostly for the SAs to promote a bag to you. You are not obligated to buy anything. I do carry an LV bag when I go to these events. But I don't have to wear a ball gown. Just something you normally wear to an office should be fine.
  11. great information, thanks!
    I better not to attend otherwise 100% sure will bring another bag home :P
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  12. Well, I’ll be dressed appropriately, but I have a hard time telling Louis no, soooo... new bag for me!!
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  13. I usually end up buying something at these events too

    I blame the champagne they keep handing me.
  14. The goal of these regular events is to encourage clients to come to the store and browse... the more time a client spends in the store and looks at products, the more likely they will make a purchase that day or return to make a purchase soon after. It's a great marketing tool! Clients feel special because they were invited to the event, and even if they don't make a purchase right away, it strengthens their relationship with the brand.

    I got the invitation for next Sunday's party at Louis Vuitton Cannes. Since I live over 5000 miles away from my home store... I am sending my parents. :lol: Hopefully, they'll pick me up a little Christmas gift! ;)
  15. Hee hee! Well, they say Wine or champagne should be mixed with chocolate when attempting to make a sale. That combination creates a sense of euphoria. I can't wait to see what we purchase!
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