Louis Vuitton Heritage

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  1. [​IMG]

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  2. Thanks for posting! I haven't seen this before, it looks like new line :nuts:
  3. Pretty high price point...the coin purse is lined w/silk...I just couldn't bear to put dirty coins against silk...
  4. I thought the violet coin purse was very cute, but it would get so scratched up in my purse. And the price :faint: yikes!
  5. What is this collection and why is it so expensive. This stuff is more expensive than Hermes. What gives.

  6. good question, i would also like to know this
  7. i guess those are the prices you pay for not mass-produced canvas products from Vuitton....

    the prices aren't so far off from their premium leather lines, Nomade, Suhali and so on.
  8. well thats whats interesting... LV is not SUPPOSED to be "mass produced" so is the heritage line a confession by LV that their products are not handmade in france, spain, italy and the usa as they say but as mass produced in china as they have long been rumored to be?
  9. ^ I don't think LV has ever claimed that their items are "handmade" other then the luggage/travel line. When I think of handmade, I think of birkins & kellys. Even some items from Hermes use machines.

    They have factories in France, Spain, & US that items are made by craftmens using machines. As for the China rumour, LV denies this.
  10. actual if you go to the website and watch the craftmanship video, they do clearly imply that all/most/many of their items are handmade.
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    I agree, not every product in LV has the same quality, detail and materials.

    I love the Long Wallet, it's expensive, but I would rather have an amazing leather wallet instead of a canvas bag.
  12. If I remember correctly only hard sided luggage is shown in the video (trust me, there's no Speedy or Neverfull in sight)
    There are different videos for shoes, time pieces and ready to wear.
  13. love them, would like to hold one before forking out for one though!
  14. 1 what i understood to be the case is that they use assembly line craftmen, some parts are cut or sew by human guided sewing machines, but all along the line craftmen work on different parts of the bags, SLG and other items.

    2 but was you are describing, is how mcDs makes the happy meal toys, its 100% machine, 100% of the time...

    i wonder which is it, because LV marketing and informational materials say one thing, but you guys are saying something very different.