Louis Vuitton HELP!!

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  1. Sorry, but fake, fake, fake. The colors are wrong, the size of the logos wrong... everything wrong. : (
  2. Can you get a refund? After all, it is illegal to sell counterfeit items.
  3. i dont think i can return anything from a thrift store...i also asked my friends aunt who worked at LV one time or another and she said its real to her...so i have no idea
  4. :Push: Fake...I don't think this was even produced?
  5. really.? dammit last time i trust my instincts
  6. Rarely will you ever see a real LV at a thrift store for $15... unless you are reallllly lucky.
  7. Please only post authenticity questions about LV's in the Authenticate This! sticky provided in that Forum.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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