Louis Vuitton hasn't called me! Delivered package 5 days ago

  1. I live 5 hours away from the nearst Louis Vuitton. I called 866-Vuitton and they said it would be fine if I mailed my Louis Vuitton items to be repaired to the KOP Louis Vuitton. They said just leave a contact information card inside and discuss repairs and they would call.

    I put insurance and delivery confirmation on it and I just checked my statement for the package and according to the USPS the package was accepted by Louis Vuitton at 1 pm 5 days ago.

    Still no call or attempt to contact me.

    (I even wrote a beautiful letter to the manager on fancy handmade paper to show my serious about my items)

    :cursing::cursing:Should I be pissed off that not even an SA would at least call to say they got the items.
  2. If they are supposed to call, I would be a tad bit annoyed. Hopefully they will contact you soon!
  3. why don't u call them to confirm they have received the package?
  4. I will in the morning. I'm just wondering if this is normal. This is so unproffessional. It only takes them 30 seconds to leave a voice mail for me and I assured them it was ok for them to do so in my letter.

    At this moment the lack of service I have been recieving lately has made me a little turned off to LV. I am having issues with 866-Vuitton over the groom items so this just compounds my frustration.
  5. That's not good. I have only one SA I deal with so I get incredible service. I am sorry about this. I would definately call! Do you have a particular Sa you deal with?
  6. No I don't. I do have a regular SA through 866-vuitton (I call her extension). But I don't have a regular SA through a land store.
  7. Yeah the same thing happened to John with his panda cles. They'd gotten it in his store after a transfer and hadn't called him; it was up to him to call. So I have no idea..my SA usually doesn't even call me when the items I'm on the list for are in, I just have to find out they're in when I go into the store. So who knows..
  8. I think that´s weird.
  9. Wow- these SA's are seriously dropping the ball! I would switch if I were yall! I went through two before I settled on one who actually works PRO-actively for me!