Louis Vuitton has been kidnapped! (Funny video)

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  1. Sorry if this has already been posted already, but I found this ridiculous video on You Tube and thought you all might enjoy it! It is kind of long (and has the b-word in it a few times, so just a warning!)

  2. I don't see the video?
  3. Sorry, I fixed it! ;)
  4. "Are those my shoes?"
    "Who said you could fight crime in my shoes?"

    hahaha, awesome.
  5. That video is so corny, but funny! Thanks for the laugh:lol:
  6. i don't like the guy the got to play *louis vuitton* ... it's funny
  7. That was so funny!
  8. I know, he was kind of weird! It looks like these people put a lot of work into this video though. It looks like there are other videos about "the turbo girls".
  9. Lol thanks for sharing. That was fun.
  10. Not only is Louis Vuitton actually alive, he has an italian accent and is obese as well. LOL Except for the terrible research this was fun!
  11. funny:lol:
  12. i just lost 8 min of my life LOL... what a bizarre video haha
  13. Thanks for sharing. I loved it.They are talented people because acting is definitely not easy to do. The video is good too.
  14. Wang Too Long
  15. what a total mess! ;) but it was funny