Louis Vuitton Hardware

  1. Just a quick question.

    Does the hardware on the monogram bags match that of the polished brass locks? The hardware on my new bag is lighter and shiner than that of the lock.
  2. hmmm, all of mine match. the store might have given you a dirty lock...try going back and asking for a new one?
  3. They probably had the lock hanging on the bag already even before they sold it to you (oxidized). Was the bag a display? Yeah, go back and ask for another one or you can try cleaning it yourself.
  4. No, it doesn't always match. Sometimes one might be a bit shiner than the other.
  5. the lardware on my damier 30 was alway a tiny bit lighter but no shinier than the padlock. it's also slightly lighter than the chain on my vernis cles.