Louis Vuitton Hardware/ Screw Replacement?

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  1. #1 Jul 14, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
    Where can i buy screws for a Louis Vuitton Ribera Mini? Does anyone know if i can purchase it somewhere online? The screw fell out and it's what holds the bag handle to the bag. I can take it to the Louis Vuitton store but i do not want to pay $150+ for this tiny screw.
  2. They're really going to charge you $150? That's crazy! The LV near me can do simple repairs onsite and they never charged me when they replaced my Galliera rings.
  3. That's insane! Take it back to the store and try speaking to a different person, preferably one that doesn't have their head up their butt, and enquire about the repair again. Most locations, if not all, can perform very minor repairs like this at little to no cost.
  4. Did you ever get this fixed? Same thing has just happened to my Ribera Mini :sad:
  5. Take it to the store and ask for a quote. Some repairs are cheap and well worth the price.
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  6. I’m just worried that because the bag is 13 years old they won’t have the hardware to repair it anymore?
  7. You can stay worried in front of your computer all day, or you can take the bag to LV and find out. ;)
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  8. They don’t open in the UK now until Monday so I’ll have to stay worried in front of my computer all day lol!
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  9. They’re closed today?
  10. Yes, the one at Royal Exchange which is my local store is closed Saturday and Sunday this weekend

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  11. I guess you’ll have to wait until Monday! :smile: