Louis Vuitton handbags on the Tyra show..

  1. Just saw a clip and Tyra will be showing off LV and other designer handbags on her show tomorrow...I did not get the details like why or anything...does anyone have any info? maybe a fall designer fashion thing...
  2. Her episode tomorrow is going to be based on how to spot fakes purses, diamonds, and hair. So I'm pretty sure they'll be discussing Louis Vuitton because of all the fakes there are. Its going to be on at 5 PM on ch. 13 tomorrow if you live in L.A.
  3. i am going to watch should be interesting.
  4. Neat, sounds interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.
  5. i love tyra! Tyra + LV = heaven!
  6. I just saw the clip part where she was showing LV's...the volume was turned down so I have no clue what she was saying..will check it out anyway...the LV's looked real I think...it is hard to tell without a close up of details ect...
  7. I want to watch this!!!
  8. I saw a clip of it today too! She was taking a pair of scissors to a fake Gucci! I'm gonna tivo it b/c I have GOT to see it!!
  9. I've never seen Tyra's show. Sounds like this'll be my first!
  10. Tyra is so real, this sounds like something she'll do. :p

    I'm going to make sure to watch it!
  11. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for this episode.
  12. Gonna have DH record it for me. Sounds interesting.
  13. I have to work, please give details tomorrow!
  14. OK, I'm heading downstairs to set my dvr. Thanks for letting us know.
  15. not relevant:

    one time she had a garage sale televised to donate the money or something. she was selling her multicolore louis vuitton and the girl wanted to get it for like $100 but i think it retailed for $2,000. i couldn't stop laughing! hahaa.