Louis Vuitton handbag is showing signs of cracking

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  1. C32CDA2B-68F6-4111-9050-063F07702486.jpeg C32CDA2B-68F6-4111-9050-063F07702486.jpeg FA8ED8B4-10E9-485C-A44A-93B1759CAEB7.jpeg C6C93D7E-065B-444F-B6EA-0C0719C6B438.jpeg I have an Louis Vuitton Estrella Noir handbag that is in excellent condition except for the fact that I am noticing signs of cracking beside the leather and where the canvas meets up along by the zipper. The bag is 4 years old but I can’t believe that this would be acceptable. Has anyone else experienced cracking with their handbag? If so, what have you done to remedy this situation? I included the overall photo of the handbag to show that it is well cared for and a photo of one of the cracks. (Much worse in the photo). Thanks to anyone in advance for their advice.
  2. Definitely take in into the boutique. They will parter with Quality Control to perform a quality assessment and likely offer you a store credit or merchandise exchange.
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  3. Bring it in the store, they will determine if they will offer a replacement or store credit.
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  4. Estrela is one of the bags they have on the recall list. I was called about mine to take into store for assessment.
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  5. Some Estrelas are on the list of recalls (not all, mine apparently isn’t as I inquired about it). Take it to LV. They will most likely give you credit for it EVEN if it’s not on their internal list.
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  6. As others have said, this will likely get you a store credit.
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  7. Thank you all for your quick response. I have taken the bag into the Louis Vuitton store and they are filing a report. I will hear back from them in a few days they told me. I will keep you posted.
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  8. I brought my azur Speedy b a few weeks ago they gave my new a bag :smile: bring it in mine was 4 years old too
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  9. I got a credit
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  10. I have the Retiro - it’s from the same line but the style is similar to the Speedy. I hope there are no issues with the Retiro. I’m going to inspect mine when I get home! Here is a stock photo as an example of the Retiro that I own:
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  11. My retiro NM was on the recall list. My handles and crossbody strap glazing melted and peeled off. I was given a credit for it. I hope your retiro is okay.
  12. Thanks for your suggestion. Took three weeks but I am so grateful that they gave me a store credit due to it being a defective handbag. Amazing service!
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  13. Thank you for your suggestion. Took three weeks but they did give me a store credit for the mad at being defective. I am so grateful. Amazing service.
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  14. Took three weeks of investigating but they did give me a store credit. I am so grateful and pleased with the service I received.
  15. Thank you for your advice. It took three weeks of investigating but they did give me a store credit. I am very grateful and pleased with the service that I received!
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