Louis Vuitton Golf Ball Case

  1. Does anyone know how much this LV golf ball case is worth? and also what its actual name is called? I believe this case is discontinued as I can't find it on the internet and was bought approximately more than 10 years ago. Thank you.



  2. "etui 3 balles golf" ;)
  3. I have to admit that I have one but am not very sure about the history of the item other than the fact that they do exist and are vintage pieces. I love mine!
  4. its a pretty cool piece. i like it! i would buy something like that. very unique and quirky.
  5. i have that! but I totally have no use for it lol
  6. You can try searching on eBay to see if one is available to see what it's going for?
  7. Cute piece!
  8. actually i use it to put some small things and accessories such as lip gloss in it haha
  9. good idea seelim88888! it's been sitting collecting dust...maybe i should put it to good use!
  10. I use mine as a pen case.
  11. cute.
  12. Hmm...I'd love that for hubby! Wonder if he'd actually use it?!!