Louis Vuitton going to pieces?????

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  1. Wow, that's too bad. The bag hardly looked beyond repair to me. I just had my Speedy 25 "rebuilt" and it looks as good as new!
  2. The bag didnt look that bad! She could have just sold it as vintage- it would have sold for more than dismantling it!
  3. I don't think that bag looked that bad either. If she took it to LV, they could send it out to be refurbished. I know they will replace the lining and do a lot of other things to restore a bag. Don't know why she is taking it apart.... Weird...
  4. Ugh that IS weird. Unless they're selling it to help people make better fakes? Who knows.
  5. No kidding- how could cutting up an LV in that condition ever make financial sense?
  6. The sad part is that there's actually a bid on it already:shocked::confused1:
  7. In the main picture the bag is cut right down the middle into two halves. EUC I don't think so! I'm guessing someone slashed her bag in half or she found the two bits on the street and thought she'd make some money one way or another!
  8. I think that is awful, who knows were these "spare" parts are going. Everyone is right in this thread she could of got alot for the bag in its normal state (uncut LOL)
  9. I don't understand how having a dring could help someone though.. it's odd. You really cannot replace that w/o actually sewing it into a bag. Very odd auctions...
  10. Why would anyone want to buy a d-ring, unless it's for counterfeiting!?!? but I gotta admit, it didn't cross my mind that the monogram canvas can be used to make hairclips etc.
  11. Its for people who want to make their own version of that Legende (?) bag like the girl in the article on one of the other sections!
  12. You mean the tribute bag? (the one where it looks like a whole lot of bags sewn together)

    I dunno.. it just seems like a waste to me. Like someone else said, what are you going to do with a d ring? If you take it to a non-LV repair shop (to add an extra, or whatever you were planning to do with it:rolleyes:) LV will never work on it again because it's been "altered" so what's to gain?
  13. I agree, I think this bag was slashed with a knife. Can LV replace slashed canvas? If it was restorable, I think she was wrong to dismantle it, too. :yes:

    How big is the D-ring? Maybe someone will use it as a keyfob? :idea:

    I can certainly see how someone artistic/handy might want the canvas to make things with (keychains, coinpurses and other accessories). :yes: I've even heard of manicurists using Pucci fabric to do pedicures with, but I assume that this canvas would be too thick! :biggrin:

    People do buy oddments - slightly less odd than a D-ring, or canvas, perhaps, but I just recently bought a horse charm that someone didn't want, from a Chloe Kerala bag. I've always liked the charms and have the Kerala Continental Wallet, but I'm less keen on the Kerala bags, so it seemed like a good opportunity! I would have preferred it if she'd been selling the other charms from the bag and the leather thong as well, but still. :smile:
  14. this auction is very disturbing for some reason.