Louis Vuitton going down

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  1. I Love Louis Vuitton but havent you noticed less of them.
    Is louis vuitton going out of style.
    Because that makes me very upset i love louis vuitton and never want it to leave.
    thank you

    please write in
  2. I don't think LV will ever go out of style. JMO. Plus, I buy their bags because I love the brand. I don't really care if it's IN or OUT.:smile:
  3. ^^ Ditto, I don't care if it's IN or OUT. I like it, I get it, I own it.
  4. hmmm... dont think so, not when Bernard Arnault just made it to Forbes Top Ten Billionaires' list. :biggrin:
  5. i do not think it will ever go down. still holding strong by me.
  6. Nope to both questions!
    I still notice them EVERYWHERE and they'll never go out of style.
  7. Agree.
  8. The day that LV will go out of style will be when the sun doesn't rise in the morning anymore. Going strong for decades already.
  9. And if the day comes when I don't see as many people carrying LVs, I will celebrate! B/c I think it's been overexposed in the past couple of years due to all the fakes! I used to enjoy it more when I didn't see 40 people wear 'LVs' (whether it be real or fake) within a matter of 3 hours at the mall.
  10. true:lol:
  11. I agree with everyone here and also believe that there has been an over-saturation of LV's now with all the imitations; however, Vuitton is still going strong. It's classic, what can you say? :amuse:
  12. I think there is a definate decline in the monogram fakes being carried. I think the people who had them figured out that the whole world (kinda) knows that your bag is fake, so they have switched to something else.

    To me thats a great trend because now I am actually interested in getting a Mono piece because I dont see it everywhere.
  13. I would actually it rather go down so there is less desire for counterfeit and to make it more exclusive. I'm tired of seeing 12 year olds with the "same" bag as me (of course theirs are 99.9% most likely fake)
  14. LV is here for the duration!

  15. I agree!