LOUIS VUITTON Glow In The Dark Wallet Agenda

  1. It's from a good seller and I think the price is good too, so if you really like it, buy it!
  2. dont buy it looks ugly
  3. It's kinda weird, but definitely unique!
    I think it would be a cool investment :biggrin:
  4. "because it’s a few years old, it no longer has the ability to actually glow in the dark."

    what a bummer!
  5. Oh! If it cannot glow in the dark anymore, then I will suggest you dun buy it.
  6. Damn, I prefer all my agendas to glow in the dark! Because when I can't sleep I walk around the house trying to find them all in the dark and because they glow makes it so much easier!:lol: :wacko: :nuts:
  7. hhhmmm, since it doesn't glow in the dark anymore, I wouldn't get it (actually, even if it still did, I don't think I would get it) It's not doing anything for me...
  8. glow in the dark agenda, how cool is that? Is this a "line" for the accessories? or from a limited edition from the past?
  9. Oh LV addict... ha ha ha!! :lol::lol::lol:
  10. I never knew LV came out with a glow in the dark agenda.