Louis Vuitton Gift Wrap

  1. Ok, this might sound silly. But I never had any of my Louis Vuitton gift wrapped.

    I'm getting the agenda calendar and note refills next week, for my mom's LV agenda (part of the mother's day gift) and was wondering if they would gift wrap that?

    Last time I got them, they weren't. So should I just ask for them to be gift wrapped?
  2. Yes. Unless they know that's what you want every time, then they don't gift wrap unless you ask. So ask away!
  3. Yup just ask them to gift-wrap it for you!! :yes:
  4. like the others said: just ask! :smile:
  5. "Gift wrap", is a subjective term....they don't have have paper, if that's what you mean. LV gift wrap is just the box and the brown cord. At different times of the year the will have specialty ribbon and use that instead of the brown cord.
  6. So which term would I use if I did want them to put in a box?
  7. i would just tell the SA it's for Mother's Day gift, and ask them to pack as gift. Some would use tissue paper&LV sticker, box, leather cord, small card and brown LV bag is the most LV do as for as 'gift' wrapping :yes:
  8. I was automatically given a small card and bow wrapping before christmas, but it's really nothing special. If it was a gift I would wrap the box in some paper and use a different card I think, to not ruin the surprise. =)
  9. I think that the cord around the LV box would be the most exciting gift box I could hope to see!
  10. I love the different ribbons that they use at Xmas...other than that it is the brown cord. I love the simplicty of the LV "gift wrap." Just like Tiffany you see the blue, you see the brown of the LV and you know that you're in for a fabulous surprise!!!
  11. There's no real term for 'gift wrapping' that differentiates with or without a box. If you want a box, just say "can I get it gift wrapped with a box?".... but I find that the "with a box" part to be kinda redundant. LV always give a box if you ask for gift wrapping. The only difference is the time of the year like Twinkle mentioned.
  12. umm..for all of my purchases they have gift wrapped!! IF you realli need gift wrapped u can tell them its a gift and they will wrapped it for u!!
  13. Thanks everyone, going tomorrow.
  14. is there an extra charge for a gift wrap? just wondering
  15. I think it's free