Louis Vuitton Gift Cards?

  1. I'm not really sure where to post this question, but I know that everyone on this board would know -- does Louis Vuitton sell gift cards? I know that eLuxury sells gift certificates, which I assume can't be used in the boutiques, I'm wondering if there are ones where they can be used in the boutiques. Thanks!
  2. As far as I know they don't sell gift cards. but you'll have to check with your local LV.
  3. Louis Vuitton does not sell gift cards. But i now in canada Louis Vuitton boutiques in Holt Renfrews will accept Holt Renfrew gift cards.
  4. If your local LV is in a mall, maybe you could use a mall gift card. My local LV is like this, and I was able to use gift cards from the mall at LV.
  5. Louis Vuitton honours/accepts gift cards from department stores where they are located. Like here in the UK, we have two LV stores in Selfridges (London & Manchester) so they accept gift cards issued by Selfridges. LV Harrods accepts gift cards from Harrods.
    LV stores which are not located inside the dept. store dont have gift cards.

    Probably it works similar to other countries.
  6. at the flagship LV store in new york 5th ave...they do sell gift cards...i was talking about it with a SA
  7. not sure if its a gift card as such but i thought you could give someone LV store credit as a gift.
  8. Actually, I did get a "Gift Card" from LV from a friend last month for my Bday. They're old school, no plastic cards, actual certficiate is on paper--card stock paper and hand-written by the SA who does it. It came packaged in one of the drawer-pull boxes wrapped with the leather lokking string and in an LV bag. Best present ever!!!
  9. They DO have gift certificates which are basically gift cards.
  10. Yes!! Agree that LV gift certs. are best gift ever!! I've received several LV gift certificates from my DH and yes, they are on paper with your name handwritten on the front along with the amount of gift certificate, but on the back of the gift certificate is the computer printed out info of the dollar amount and where it was purchased, etc.

    I've received LV gift certificates in a flat box, and then later in an LV envelope meant for the gift certificates.
  11. What a great gift!!! Handwritten and in box? Is it in the kind of boxes that hold ties?
  12. Thank you for all the info!
  13. When I got my gift cert. a few years ago, LV had a narrow box that was meant for a gift cert. But, now that I think about it, it was awhile ago because the LV box was the lighter brown color than what they use now.
  14. I went into my local boutique yesterday and asked. The SA told me that yes, they do sell gift certificates (:yahoo:) and that they are good at any of the stand-alone boutiques. She said that if one is purchased at their boutique, it can be used at any other boutique that is not inside a department stores, like Bloomies, Saks, etc.
  15. Is the gift certificates can be of any amount? Is there a limit on the minimum or maximum amount?