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  1. Hello,
    Can I kindly ask for help in authenticating this LV Garance? I totally LOVE the style, and was so stoked to see it on a consignment site. But after receiving it, I'm now wondering if it is indeed a real one or a really good replica. My doubts were stirred by the fact that the bag had 2 date codes, and they didn't match.
    The original listing is here:

    And here are more photos of the hardware and the two date code stamps. One is inside the removable pochette and gold foil stamped on a sewn in leather tab. The other is blind debossed on the underside of the leather trim of the zipper.

    Thank you so much for you help....
    IMG_0326.JPG IMG_0328.JPG IMG_0337.JPG IMG_0339.JPG IMG_0340.JPG IMG_0344.JPG IMG_0347.JPG IMG_0360.JPG IMG_0365.JPG IMG_0379.JPG
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.