louis vuitton galliera pm purchase

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  1. heya guys,
    i got my galliera pm today after weeks obessing over it. But somehow i dont feel the same for it no more. strange feeling hehe
    Is it because i have it now? Does any1 get this feeling after an lv purchase, coz im usually all happy about it. Now im not =[
  2. The satisfaction of "spending" the money is gone.

    Trust me, for people who have to earn hard for lux goods like LV (me!) the efforts used to save the money is now a completed result...So we feel like the task is finished and there is nothing else to look forward to because you already bought the item!

    Its all psychological.
    You'll get over it in sometime, and enjoy it. :yes:
  3. Maybe you don't love it as much as you thought? I felt like that only after the Mahina L, I wanted it so much, but when i got it, it just didn't wow me, especially for the price, so I returned it.... but when I have bought a bag I really love like the Mirage Speedy I just can't stop looking at it, and adore it.... so you know the difference. Perhaps consider something else.... in saying that I really love my Galliera, despite wishing I bought the GM.
  4. renayamasaki u r so right hahah ... at the time trying on the bag my outfit didnt suit the bag. so i might wear jean tomrw with it.
    Paije u r right too, mayb i dont really like it heheh
  5. You need to take your bag out somewhere and put it where you can look at it (at a safe place of course)....
  6. I had that once with a Gucci. That is all I would think about and I would even go in and "visit" the bag. Once I finally got it I did not really care about the bag. I totally understand what you are talking about.
  7. I can completely relate. I drooled over the Galliera the first time I saw it. I bought it the next week as a birthday gift to me. Four weeks into using it I saw a handful of people with the same bag and it lost its apeal.

    I have used it less then a dozen times, and now it lays in my closet with the other bags I bought thinking this was the one bag I would adore forever and ever.
  8. I can totally relate. I would return the bag if you're not 100% excited!
  9. l agree, if you can return....its a lot of money not to feel the rush...get something you fall in love with...l got mine in Azur today.....l'm in love lol xxxx
  10. I'm sorry you're not feeling the Galliera! If you're not loving it than you should def return it and get something you will use! If it were me, I'd give it a few days to sink in that you actually own the bag after saving and dreaming of it for so long! And like you said, try on a few outfits with it! I can honestly say the galliera is one of my favorite bags!

    Good luck deciding!
  11. I think you should return it before you use it. I think you hae 2 weeks to return it. But I am not sure. I never returned an LV.
  12. thank guys.. i love this forum, its abig help.
    seems like no one gets me becoz i love LV alot hehhe im a addict...
    what i really want now is aTrevi pm but all my friends say it looks old. i will let the galliera stink it for another 3days, if i still feel the same i will get the trevi pm.
    i think galliera looks too casual with jeans, whereas the trevi brings another level up wearing with jeans.

    thank u heaps =]
  13. sorry to hear that, but if im not liking the bag after I get it I usually return it back and if for some reason I really want it I just buy it back but if not then im glad I just returned it and just get the one I really really want. Hope that helps.
  14. oh i like both. I finally decided on a galliera (after debating between the pm and gm forever. I actually bought one, then bought the other, then i decided i wanted the first one i had (gm) i can honestly say that im in LOVE with the bag and can't stop using it. I dunno what u mean about the galliera being too casual~ for me, it TOTALLY dresses up ANYTHING I am wearing, even lounge wear :P I've gotten so many compliments on it already hehehe. Its such a statement bag and its my fave. :heart: You really should really LOVE your bag .. I hope that you are happy with whatever you decide! :tup:

  15. Me too! Because if you really like it you´ll be very happy with it! I think the Trevi is a good choice -it doesn´t look old at all!