Louis vuitton Fringe bucket yes or no?!

  1. I have a chance to buy me a LV white MC fringe bucket...yes or no what do you all think of it...my mom and sister said it looks like indian apparial lol...does anyone here not like it and why?

    help me decide QUICK haha:heart:
  2. i think it's probably my least fave of all Lv's collection. it's just a bit crazy looking. i don't feel it goes w/ anything. where can you carry it to? just not practical.
  3. It's not my favorite. It sure is interesting, but I'd rather invest in something else..

    But if YOU love it then who cares! It doesn't sound like you like it THAT much, or else you would have just bought it ;)
  4. not for me!
  5. Ditto I think it's my least favorite as well. But if you like it you should definitely get it.
  6. If you like it, get it, if not then no!
  7. This bag is a NAY! I like most of LVs special edition bags, but this one has way too much going on all at once.
  8. It's different..it's actually pretty in person IMO. If you like it, you should get it!
  9. i've seen it in person, and although i think it looks pretty on the showcase, i can't picture myself wearing that!
    i would ruin all teh pretty pretty tassels.
    it needs to be in a hand of someone's delicate :yes:
  10. not for me
  11. Before I hated it, now it´s starting to grow on me.
  12. Bleh.
  13. it doesn't have an appeal to me, too eye catching :biggrin:
  14. It also tops my least favorite of LVs. :sweatdrop:
  15. I like the fact that it's different and colorful, but it's dang heavy for its size. Not for me simply because of the weight issue.