Louis Vuitton freak out stories...

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  1. So I'm at the grocery store today with my husband and I've got my new Damier Azur speedy 30 in the cart (almost wanted to strap it in like it's my baby!) and I look over at my DH and there he is clicking his ink pen as he's looking at the list.... OMG!!! He is next to my speedy!... Yup, two little pen marks on the still light vachetta leather handle!!! I had a mini freak out and almost started to cry!! I swear he apologized a MILLION times and I thought he would cry too. Thankfully they are very tiny marks and I'm sure they'll come out with baby wipes but....
    Anyone else have any cute "freak out" stories? I know my LV's are like my children (I have two) and when something happens to them.. Well, I'm sure you all know LOL!! :sweatdrop:
  2. when my baby daughter ATE :shocked::drool::wtf: the bag i thought i was gonna return....right on the virgin vachetta!!! LOL we had to keep it! :lol:
  3. We went to a Vietnamese restaurant for noodle soup dinner last week. I ordered a Vietnamese Espresso. And when the server served up the dinner, we accidentally spilled the coffee onto my Monogram Ceries Speedy. Needless to say I freaked out in front of everyone in there, and dashed to the Ladies Room with a speed that I never realized that I had, to wipe clean her.
  4. i had a tiny streak of paint from our newly painted deck get on my mc trouville. luckily it was the backside of it. i stared at it for hours lol.
  5. sophia618....
    OOOooo teeth marks... I had my mono speedy next to my 10mo old daughter one day in the shopping cart (gotta stop putting it there!) and she ALMOST got it in her mouth!! Too bad you were going to return it! I guess it has sentimental value now too!
  6. My daughter sucked on the handles of my small bucket bag. My bag is forever traumatized. She had power spit that won't come off!
  7. I don't have a LV, but oh how I can relate! These are great stories! Glad to know I am not the only one that treats my bags like GOLD!!
  8. My mini pleaty was hanging on the door knob,so then i noticed it is gone---i found it in the sink with dirty dishes and running water----my 2 year old son was trying to be helpful!!!!!:P:P:P:P
  9. I found big black streaks on the bottom of my black Petite Noe vachetta. I was so careful with it, I checked it all the time and I still can't figure out what it was. I tried to wipe it with baby wipes and nothing came off. I should have left it alone but my DH tried to help clean it. No more vachetta bottoms for me, it made me sick and I did cry a little.
  10. haha! I do the same! I strap my bag in just like a baby in the shopping cart b/c i think someone might steal it!

    anyways... my mini lin got chocolate spilled on her :crybaby:but luckily it came off!

    Oh an I was at work one day when they were doing floor work on a level above me when concret started dripping through the ceiling!! And specks splashed on my poor Mono Speedy 30!!!
  11. I was 8 months pregnant and wearing heals. I was walking to my office from my car and in one hand was my new Speedy and in the other a diet coke. I stepped on a rock and fell forward. My Speedy went flying across the parking lot and I had to brace myself with my hands and knees. I was bleeding and it hurt like hell but the first thing I did was run to my Speedy to see if it had gotten scratched up.

    This bizarre behavior was witnessed by a coworker who was extremely worried about me and told everyone she wouldn't have believed it if she hadn't seen it with her own two eyes!!!

    Another time I put my yoplait yougurt in my BH in the morning as I left for work. I had to go to ameeting and I caught a ride with a coworker (and he was a man!). I looked into my Bh and saw that my key had punctured the foil of my yougurt and the yougurt had spilled onto the bottom of the bag. I kept telling myself out lod to be calm and not panic. My coworker was looking at me like I was nuts. We got back to the office and I cleaned it as best as I could with some wet wipes.
  12. omg...those are crazy stories...ummm...i prolly have one, but i can't remember it at the moment...I'll post it if it comes back to me. LOL.
  13. oh... some of these stories are too cute and funny. i haven't had any mishaps with my bags yet, though... and i'm very fortunate!
  14. I carried my brand new crazily loved, finally got one in great quality, azur speedy 25 for the first time when I went with SO to the MAC store to get his computer battery changed. They were 30 min late to help us even though we had a appointment and after browsing on tPF on their computers I decided to inspect my speedy. *gasp* I got a small line of what looked like my new khol eyeliner on the zipper pull tab. I became pacey and antsy to get back to his place to try to clean my dear speedy!!! I practically ran out the door once he was done and hopped into the car. Luckily, it came out but fine but it came out with a little scar, I told my SO. We were out the next day and he said, let's see speedy's scar, I showed him but he couldnt see anything it as we were out in bright sunlight. :P I swear you can see that its slightly darker on that spot from the makeup wipe under regular lighting. (I also got a tiny tiny mark from the eyeliner inside, about 1mm. I used makeup wipes, it came out but there in that tiny spot, the lining is ever so slightly lighter. I shouldve just left it as the rolling around of my belongings inside would probably have "rubbed" it out eventually)
  15. :wtf::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: