Louis Vuitton France - made in USA

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Nov 27, 2009
Hi there - I am new to purse forum. I am trying to XXXXXXwas in Marshall Fields at the time, now it's in Macy's). XXXX and I just received a question that pointed out - the
inside of the bag says Louis Vuitton FRANCE made in USA. I thought that
they were all made in France - did I get a knock-off from a Louis Vuitton
store? Please help. I tried to upload a photo. THANKS!
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Sassy Sue

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Aug 13, 2009
Originally Posted by LV-PRADAfanatic

Do you ever actually read the post you're replying to? Or are you merely padding your post count?


Oh my!....Let's just stay on topic/no drama.

As said before, LV also manufactures from a California location, and often it is the bags that are in high demand that are manufactured there.
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