Louis Vuitton for Volkswagen!!

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  1. lol!!!! I actually think it's kind of cute!
  2. :roflmfao:HAhahahha as soon as I saw the picture I automatically pictured Paris Hilton driving around in it!
  3. I find it kinda cute too... :shame:
  4. I wonder who killed that car...:tdown::s
  5. HA HA! I wonder who thought to do that! Funny and thanks for sharing.
  6. its boderline between nice and tacky...:P
  7. funny :P
  8. LOL It's gross!
  9. I think it is cute, for a teenager or someone young.
  10. LOL! OMG that is SO CUTE!
  11. Very Cute, especially for a teenager
  12. so cute!!!
  13. i like it i would love that to be my 1st car
  14. Lol... cute