Louis Vuitton for college/university?


Feb 11, 2013
Hello :smile:

It will still be some time until I got to college/university but my cousin is going to start her first year soon and we have been looking at LV's that will be practical and easy to use for everyday. There have been a couple of people that we know that have chosen a Prada saffiano tote and a bal bag.

Which do you think would be a good bag from lv or maybe look at other options?

Thanks :biggrin:


Apr 21, 2011
I personally just use a longchamp (along with everyone else on campus lol). Its extremely sturdy and the nylon doesn't get too dirty/easy to clean. I personally wouldn't use a LV bag as a daily schoolbag if you're going to be carrying your laptop, books, pens, waterbottles, etc. It gets realllyy heavy some days. Plus in a lecture setting, everyone has to put their bags on the floor next to them because there is no space to keep it on your lap and be frantically typing away or taking notes- and the floors are not always clean. Unless you'll be carrying fairly light or just using it for your personal necessities, I wouldn't recommend it.