Louis Vuitton For a 14 year old

  1. Hello ladies, my younger sister is getting her first lv bag and I was hoping for some opinion on whats suitable for a 14 year old.
    She likes speedy but also loves the artsy and the alma vernis

    What do you think? Thankyou
  2. probably a speedy 25
  3. I would get her a speedy at her age. If she proves that she can care for it get her a more expensive LV in the future.
  4. I think an Artsy or vernis Alma would look silly being carried by a 14 year old - sorry just my opinion. I would choose the Speedy 25.
  5. I just had this discussion with an SA Saturday. My teenager has a well aged papillon. If I were to get her another bag it would be a speedy 25 or a NF PM or MM. I have a Trevi and it seemed the SA was about to faint when I mentioned that maybe the Trevi for her since I have so many DE items. She was like not the Trevi, a speedy or NF. But she was really nice about it and I totally agree.
  6. I have to say, I agree. I think Speedy would be a great first LV. I can see a Delightful being carried by a teenager, but can't see an Artsy. Just my opinion.
  7. Definitely go Speedy.
    I feel the Alma Vernis or Artsy just wouldnt suit a 14 year old.
    Plus the Speedy is such a nice classic piece that she can use for years to come :smile:
  8. She really likes the damier azur speedy, she does care for her things very well otherwise she wouldn't be getting a louis vuitton so i think its great that it'll be a bag to suit her :smile:
  9. At 14 I received a 30 monogram speedy and I was ecstatic! I think that's a perfect bag and the size will last her years!
  10. +1
  11. Speedy is a great first LV!!
  12. I think a 14yr old only needs a pochette!!! To me that's a bit young for a speedy!!! Not trying to be a downer....that's just my opinion!!!!!!;)
  13. I agree with the poochette, my daughters 1 is 14yrs and the other is 12 want there first LV for Xmas. DH and I agreed that a poochette is a great start, and upgrade later to the speedy
  14. I agree with this.
  15. We were considering a pochette but we travel a lot and she would need more room in her bag so she would need something more like a speedy although maybe a neverfull, it's just deciding the print which is difficult