Louis Vuitton Flats

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  1. I got a pair of LV flats awhile ago as a gift, I have no information on these flats (I don't know the name, style, or season/year it was in). Does anyone know?

    Thanks in advance!

    Here are the pictures:

  2. im not sure if you can do this here josie. :shrugs::sweatdrop:
    unless you just want information on them.

    i can tell you they're mini monogram and navy blue.
    and super cute.
  3. oh, i just wanted information on them.

    thank you :smile:
  4. They're the mini monogram flats, I don't know the name though. There are usually a couple of pairs on eBay though, you can probably find the name there.
  5. Those are really cute.
  6. cute shoes. i'm not too sure about the name or season sorry. LV flats are very comfy though. I own 4 pairs of LV flats and I must say I love each and every pair. LV shoes are generally very comfy for me :smile:
  7. they look like mini mono balletrina shoes denim?
  8. Those flats are sure pretty! :drool:
  9. Oh they are so cute.
  10. All I know is that they're mini monogram, navy blue, super cute and on size too small for me! :crybaby: