Louis Vuitton Flanerie

  1. Hello everyone, I just recently found an amazing item on eBay that I bought called the flanerie, I've wanted a huge bag like this for travel for a while and finally found the nicest one ever. Has anyone ever seen it, or own it? If so i'd love to hear feedback! Thanks!!
  2. the name rings a bell but I can't picture it do you have pics?
  3. Is it possible to see the link?
  4. is that the one that looks kind of like a stretched out speedy? if it is then i love it, looks so practical and roomy.
  5. ^ I agree very functional alot of people look for a speedy taht goes over your shoulder and that would be it.
  6. That's a cool & very functional looking LV. You won't see as many of those as you see the BH. I like it!
  7. I love that - great strap length aswell.!

    Why do all the discontinued bags seem to be the most functional :push:
  8. discontinue item ???
  9. I love this bag, one of my faves, congrats ! :smile:
  10. Nice! Congrats!!!
  11. Congrats!
  12. Great bag!
  13. yeah, it's discontinued.
  14. Ugh! I would so love a Speedy that goes over the shoulder...
    Not liking the straps on the sides and bottom that much though