Louis vuitton fine jewelry!!! Anyone????


Jul 22, 2015
I just stumbled upon louis vuitton store yesterday and saw beautiful diamond earrings they have..they are so gorgeous I almost bought them on spot.
However I'm little concerned it's not a jewelry brand... I know it's high quality and all still, it looks gorgeous and feel expensive, the diamond quality was superb. I sent to tiffany which was right next door, and the quality of louis vuitton diamond was on par with VCA and far more superior than tiffany... well at least that was my impression.
Anyways I'm debating between this louos vuitton and bulgari though. I am little worried about louis vuitton not having any jewelry expert on site to check the prongs or do proper jewelry cleaning. Do they have jewelry inspector like VCa or cartier on spot? Do they clean and do regular maintenance??? I know for bag, louis vuitton customer is superb (especially compared to Chanel) so I'm thinking it would be similar but I'm not positive. Does anyone have an experience with louis vuitton fine jewelry? I'm looking at pave earrings. They look like tiffany victoria, but much much nicer and cheaper ! Thank you!