Louis Vuitton featuring David Bowie...zomg.


Rustic <3
Nov 29, 2006
O_O wut. Omg...the new video with spokesperson David Bowie in the ballroom reminiscent of the famous ballroom-masquerade scene in The Labyrinth where he played the ever so beautiful tight-white-stretch-panatoon clad Goblin King Jareth. *major swoon*. I really think he was my 1st crush, lmao.

The new video and campaign Ad is gorgeous and his voice is as hauntingly beautiful as ever, along with the models sleek and stunningly classic Vivienne (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong). Gah..sheer perfection and completely fan-girling right now.



Oct 13, 2009
David Bobie in the Labyrinth was my childhood crush, too. :hbeat:

I saw the ad in the Youtube as well and it felt a bit strange. Is this some kind new marketing strategy to attain more attention from new potential consumers. It doesn't seem logical considering recent remarks of LV wanting to focus their business into more exclusive pieces.

Although I like this commercial I find it annoying that I'm forced to watch it every time I want to check the LV website.