Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2007-2008 video show on karenkooper.com

  1. Karen kooper has a video of the show, I guess it's her in the car :nuts:

    Check it out : KarenKooper.com - Bienvenue

    I'm gonna snatch those gold and silver metallic bags ! :yahoo:
  2. Yup, she just messaged me about this, I love it!
  3. OMG, I can't believe she was actually there. What I would've done to be at the show :love:
  4. Hot video!!!! I nearly died when I saw it. :p
  5. thanks! im going to watch it now!
  6. aww. wait. i cant seeee it...:'(
  7. I couldn't find it either until you click the Karen Kooper logo in the top left!
  8. At least you get to see the bags! I prefer the bags in the video than in pictures! love the video intro very realistic :yes:
  9. thanks for posting!
  10. That's how I got it to work too ! :yes:
  11. I LOVE the ready to wear. Cool suits.
  12. Stunning bags!!!!
  13. Thank you! is Techno bag the metallic bag? :love:
  14. :drool:
  15. Oooh that was great! Thanks for sharing! *drooling*