Louis Vuitton Fall 06

  1. I went into LV at Palo Alto yesterday to finalize details of my Damier Cabas Piano order and the SA (Alice) was nice enough to show me printouts of what is coming for Fall. She says some things will be in stores at the end of August. Unfortunately there were no measurements but she says these prices are approximate. I copied down the ones that appealed to me and the limited edition that didn't. :rolleyes:

    Turenne GM (hobo with a zipper on the outside) In Black, Red and Camel

    Turenne PM (smaller hobo with zipper on outside, reminds me of Segur shape)

    Mini Lin(z) (Supposed to replace the Mini Monogram, SA said that she hasn't heard anything about the Mini Mono being discontinued, but us PFers know that it IS being discontinued - straight from Europe!).

    Black with brown monogram:

    Speedy 30 $640
    Boulogne $925
    Bucket $900
    Danube $670
    Saumur $915

    Their new limited edition line is called "Groom," which is a cartoon of a bellboy holding luggage (??!!!) I don't know why they have this - it's not cute for females to carry around, but they have the compact zippe, pochette cles and some others I didn't even bother to write down because I didn't like it. At least the cherries and panda were cute!

    Mirror in Gold/Silver:

    Papillion: $1100
    Keepall 55: $3080
    Speedy: 1150
    Pochette: $490
    Alma GM: $2100

    Lockit Monogram: This reminds me of the Alma, but with a lock.

    Lockit Mini: $750
    Lockit Vertical: $850
    Locket Horizontal $890

    There were a lot more, but I the mink white MC purse at $13,000 didn't appeal to me :biggrin:

    The SA is going to call me when the new Epi and Lockit pieces come in, hopefully at the end of August.
  2. Thanks for the info, I am lookinf fwd to see the mini mono...
  3. ooh...love the new info!! THANKS!
  4. Thank you so much for posting what's coming.....it helps me put the brakes on other purchases.
  5. Did the SA mention anything about the leopard bags? I saw some monogram/leopard beauties on the runway.
  6. wow! the mirror pochette sounds cheap at $490!
  7. Thank you SO MUCH for the info!:heart:
  8. Daniellejp: I think they had some leopard in the print outs, but I was running out of time (SO was waiting for me) so I didn't get to copy down the prices of those.

    blushingbaby: I *hope* that the prices are about right, that was just an estimate of what it costs, I hope they don't raise it by the time September comes!
  9. Wow the mirror line doesn't seem half as pricey as I thought it might be. Thanks for the heads up!
  10. So the black with brown mono is just going to be like the usual canvas monogram, only the background is going to be black?

    And what does the groom look like? What's the background?

    Thanks for taking the time to write all this down! :flowers:
  11. boudoir: black with brown mono I am assuming will have the same kind material of the mini monogram that is out now, but it' will be black background with brown mongram. For the Groom, the background is the brown mono, just like the cherries and panda.
  12. Ohhhh I want to see the black with brown mono....great price for the speedy (alot cheaper than the MC speedys).......oh noooooo...my priority list might have to change argggg
    When do they start preordering...do you know?? Or when they might hit stores??
  13. Must start saving...
  14. Thanks! how interesting :graucho: can't wait to see the little groom! Someone sneak a pic!!
  15. im excited to see the speedy too. cant wait!