Louis Vuitton #fab October 2018 Purchases! Share with us!

  1. Here we go! Share your new treasures with all of us!
  2. Coming soon....waiting still
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  3. I have two items in transit, and my keyboard is getting tired of me hitting refresh every 10 minutes!
  4. Is delivered at the store, but they haven't called me that is ready for pickup yet. Most likely it will be end of the day for the store to process online orders. So I am still waiting...
  5. I’m going to make another impulse purchase sometime my next payday.
  6. Haha. Me too. Actually still waiting on a ship confirmation for the second item. Fingers crossed!
  7. The UPS driver is always late on the day I expect an LV box.
  8. Can't wait to see!!
  9. 469999EA-AEBD-4384-B762-24DBE64932F7.jpeg My purchases will be very light if any at all after this.
  10. Happy I was able to get an Alma in this color.

  11. I love it. It’s beautiful! Enjoy your new bag. :smile:
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  12. :lol: do you need any help? I am happy join you! :graucho:
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  13. Stunning! I adore the Alma in Épi!
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  14. IMG_0318.jpg
    Oh well...couldn’t resist! Speedy releases are dangerous for me!
  15. I had to get the bandeau that matches my luggage tag