Louis Vuitton F/W 06/07

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  1. not a fan of the furry multicolore but the golden alma looks hot!
    lv1.jpg lv2.jpg lv3.jpg lv4.jpg
  2. more
    lv5.jpg lv6.jpg lv7.jpg lv8.jpg
  3. I'm so glad big shoulder bags are becoming popular again!
  4. :nuts: love the shoulder bags!!!
  5. Gorgeous!
  6. I like the last four. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    Does anyone know how much the white multicolore shoulder bag is?
  7. I really like the 2nd shoulder bag in the second post..very cute and stylish.
  8. I like the one in the second photo of JJ's second post :nuts:
  9. I actually like the last one in the first post.
  10. me too also love the gold alma :love: :love: :nuts:
    vuitton is back on track!
  11. wow, the furry MC is really OUT THERE. I would definitely give that bag a good long stare if I ever saw anyone carrying it.

    I loved the embossed stuff, 2nd bag in your second post.

    Thanks for posting these!
  12. Great stuff! I love the alma voyages(?)also and that shoulder bag is HUGE! V
  13. Do you know when these bags are going to be available for sale? I can't wait to see them!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I like the 3rd one in the second post. Ooooooh!
  15. I'm really digging that golden Alma Voyage... I really don't like the Oskar Waltz leopard print... It looks like a cross between an Eye Need You Sac Rabat [but with leopard print] and an Oskar Waltz...
    The Multicolore LV thingy... is that like a fanny pack? It looks cute too..