Louis Vuitton eye candy

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  1. These are the LV's I bought so far in 2005, would love to chat on which you like the best?:love: Anyone?

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  2. Tacky question, but I gotta ask....the Mizi....what does that run? Gorgeous, tho.,...
  3. Love the black quilted one, is that Mitzi?
  4. It's tacky of me to put these pics up NO?! No problem, the mizi here in Canada was $3700 canadian, so roughly in U.S thats $3300.USD. On E-bay sellers are making nice profits, especially when they sell the green or aubergine mizi, hiking it up by $1000 even higher, when they all cost the same price in the LV boutique originally!
  5. It is gorgeous. I don't own any LVs but that's the first that makes me think I might want to own one.

    Yes, my question was tacky. Yes, your photos of your beauties is tacky. But this is the place we can be tacky in just this way! Here, bags can be tacky, showin' 'em off is NEVER tacky!
  6. Sorry, forgot to tell you which are which:wacko: , from top to bottom - the green velour monogram "clyde", black "mizi", denim "neo-speedy", denim -tote. :P
  7. Seriously, thanks for the reassurance about tackyness. I am not like this in my reality at home. So it's fun to indulge a bit with passionista's - that's my new word.:nuts:
  8. Passionista! I love it! If you don't use that as your 'custom user title' I will!

    And I am NOT like this at home either. I wonder if my husband thinks I'm reading porn on-line. When I have this forum up on the screen, I immediately shrink it when he comes in the room. I think my kids (11 and 5) have a better sense of my love of bags than does my husband. Either they are more observant or less in denial -- could be equal parts of both! I also don't try to slip the bags by the kids. They don't ask what things cost so they can see 'em all!

    Seriously, seriously, seriously....go to the USER CP, click on EDIT PROFILE, under OPTIONAL INFORMATION add something cute using 'passionista' under CUSTOM USER TITLE (like mine says 'I need more shelf space'). I mean it, if you don't, I WILL!

    My mother-in-law is always calling my daughter (she's 5!) a fashionista. Yes, my daughter loves clothes. Yes, she likes to look at catalogs. Yes, she likes to go to stores to try stuff on even if she doesn't want to buy anything. But I think fashionista has been so abused as a term, its offensive. Your word is just adorable!
  9. Wow the Mizi is really nice ! I saw one yesterday, but I went back again today and it was GONE ! So fast.. :sad:
  10. lol i'm glad i'm not the only one that shrinks the forum when my significant other walks by...

    *sigh* he just doesn't get it.
  11. guys never understand our obsession with bags just like how we will never understand their obsession with sports or cars or home theatre... i say to my bf, your hockey jersey collection has the same value as my bag collection so there!!!

    although he argues that hockey jerseys increase in value and bags do not. bags decrease after we use them, unless we wait long enough for them to become vintage... so on and on we argue..

    but he does like to come with me to look at bags, doesn't mind.

    i just hide my purchases in my closet. LOL! and never ever tell them how much you spend on them.
  12. That was so nice Issmom! I am the worst writer and speller (as you will see), and I just thought of that word in that second! So coming from you and your experience, your compliment is so very appreciated. O.K, I am going to use it! thanks for your inspiration and instructions!!!!!!!!

    o.k, let's see if this works
  13. Hi! :biggrin: I love your bags! My faves are the velour green clyde and the denim shopper tote. I've never owned an LV but I'm saving up to buy my first one hopefully next year.
  14. Thank-you,It's crazy, I became addicted to them 11 years ago! The orangy-tan and brown seemed to go with everything, every year. Now I buy other designer handbags but always stick to saving up the most money for a louis. I think it's the best idea to save up for a bag that will really last forever. My husband calls them "warbags" - I once tripped on the street rather ungracefully and the bag went flying along with me. You would have thought the bag would have really scuffed up,....not a scratch!!!
  15. I'm blushing....but thanks. Its a great word and it describes how we all feel. I'm glad you're using it. I wouldn't feel genuine if I did -- tho' I would if you didn't! I WILL be using it in conversation, you can count on that!

    My husband's big expenses are his home theatre and stereo and those do go down in value pretty damn fast. The most expensive thing we own is our home. Then our car. Then the PROJECTOR FOR THE 9 FOOT WIDE TV SCREEN!!!!!!! More expensive (several fold) than my engagement ring! So I buy the bags I want, damn it!

    The one thing I really covet but don't own is a Birkin. I've mentioned it in passing to my husband. Actually, once I figure out how to work into the conversation that you can't even get on the waiting list, my husband's interest will be piqued. He isn't the type of person who likes to know that things cannot be done if you want to do them. As I said in another thread -- his dream is a Maserati. When he gets that, I'll get my Birkin!