Louis Vuitton Extreme Leopard Pump

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  1. vuit.jpg
  2. the heel is crazy in a good way, i like them.:yes:
  3. doesn't JLO have them???
    i think they are really cool
  4. That heel is so SEXY! Get them.
  5. Ooh! Those are fun!

    You'd need a very, very special outfit to go with them, but they're totally swing-able.
  6. oooh saw those on the wknd and LOVE them!!! I think you should get em!
  7. I think they are so cutee and if you can afford them, get'em:yes:
  8. Those are wild! I like them! I just bought a pair of CL animal print peep toes. I guess animal print shoes are the way to go!
  9. I think they are FABULOUS!!! LOVE THEM! You should get them for sure.
  10. I saw them at the boutique. My SA begged me to get them, but I'm hard on shoes and told her I can't justify spending money on shoes like I do bags. My new Jessica Simpson patent leather pumps, were scuffed the first night.
  11. I love them. They are so original and it seems now a days a lot of the shoes designs are the same but noooo not these! I just don't justify spending so much on leopard heels. I would get them if they weren't leopard because I like to invest into more classic pieces and even though I love leopard pieces for accessories its too much for me to spend especially right now. Although if I had millions to spend like stars I would definitely be snatching them up, DEFINITELY!
  12. Y-E-S I do!
  13. They're fabulous, but I agree with Minnie - very expensive for leopard. I personally couldn't justify it. If you have it and have a few really awesome outfits for them, they sure will stand out!
  14. they're very unique!!
    buy them!!!!;);)
  15. I think that Louboutin and Manolo make leopard shoes that are going to be a little more timeless. I think leopard shoes should be sexy, and these aren't IMO (no offense).