Louis Vuitton Experts, Please help!!!

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  1. I recently bought a pair of gorgeous LV shoes on ebay. They were worn once by the original owner and arrived in almost perfect conditions. The shoes have a red lining, I think is called 'alcantara' -pardon my ignorance- I worn the shoes half a day and guess what? THEY BLEED!!! my feet were red, OMG! it was so embarrasing!!! I suspect the seller knew about this but she didn't disclose it in the auction, that was probably the reason for selling them. Note:We already posted (+) feedback to each other on Ebay.

    My question here is: Should I file "not as described item" with Paypal or Should I take the shoes to an LV boutique? The original price for those was $700.00, a total disgrace to LV!!! I can't wear those shoes!!! they bleed so bad! I spent an hour in the shower trying to remove the red stain off my feet!!!

    Please help!!!:crybaby:
  2. Wow, that sucks, but unless you can prove the seller knew, I don't think it's fair to leave negative feedback. Can you call your local LV store and see if they have any suggestions? Maybe there's something that you can spray on the lining to keep it from bleeding?
  3. Can you wear peds with the shoes to prevent the coloring from getting on your feet? I have a pair of shoes with black suede lining that bleed and turn my feet black when I wear them. I started wearing peds and the black coloring gets all over the peds but not my feet.

    Just in case you aren't familiar with peds: http://www.shoestuff.com/Socks_Hosiery-Peds_No_Show_Socks-.html
  4. Thanks but I can't wear the peds, my shoes are open toe clogs!:upsidedown:
  5. I think they had a problem with the MC Wappity with the red lining bleeding thru, maybe if you call your boutique and explain what happened they will give you a new pair or a credit. Doesnt hurt to ask. Or call the 800 number for Vuitton. Good luck!

    Side note, my guess is the seller knew and that is why she sold them. I doubt they bled for you and not her.
  6. I'm pretty sure the seller knew too. I hope that you will still have some kind of help from LV since you weren't the original buyer, I know they aren't fond of people who buy from Ebay.
  7. Hi, sorry this happened to you. Some LV items are prone to this, you are right, it is a disgrace.

    Louis Vuitton do not condone Buying LV second hand items from re-sellers so tell Louis Vuitton that they were bought as a gift from Europe by a friend, (I think LV US can only track your purchases in America). They should provide an exchange if this is available or just send them off to be repaired so this problem doesnt happen again.

    A member from here bought a Louis Vuitton MC Alma off ebay that has the same red lining and she went into LV and they changed it immediately, although she never bought it from the store, they asked for no personal info, nor her name. She was very lucky, I hope they can help you. :smile:

    Good luck :tup:
  8. Good advice!!! let's see what happens!!!:sweatdrop: