Louis Vuitton Expert?

  1. Hi I'm very young and got my first LV ordered yesterday!
    (Monogram Canvas Speedy 30)
    Everyone says the speedy is a must have! But I was wondering if the Speedy 30 can be used as an overnight bag as I travel ALOT, I was also wondering because I'm fairly new to LV, how you become as good with them as you are now and I mean like you look at a bag and go "MONOGRAM DEAUVILLE FAKE, STICHING OF TO THE LEFT" LOL Cause I can only name a few but I LOVE LV.

    Will stay in touch and hopefully post pictures of me with my new LV when it arrives!

  2. Congrats on your first LV experience!
  3. ehy welcome to the forum, as for using the speedy 30 as an overnight bag it depends on how skinny you are as to how tiny your clothes are. i use the keepall 55 for traveling, the speedy 40 is more the travel one. but trust me you will be very happy with your purchase. as for knowing fakes from auths it all comes from time, the more time you spend looking at the bags you will learn all the names and be able to tell them apart, it took me a couple of months and im quite good now, i learnt it all from surfing the forum and reading the threads and such.
    again welcome and congrats
  4. exactly what catie said.

    :welcome: welcome!
  5. yes, definitely! time is the key, the more u study LV the better, from knowing the products to knowing exact specs of products... TPF is a major help!
  6. It just takes time. If it's something you love, like LV, you just read and re-read until you know all the names, etc off by heart. Wish I could earn $ for my LV knowledge! I could never use a Speedy 30 for an overnight bag, but that's just me. Welcome to the club!
  7. welcome this is a great forum. Think the 30 is not an overnight bag, more of a great handbag size. The keepall's are the overnight bags. Think I need to all that to my wish list
  8. Congrats on your speedy :flowers:
  9. How exciting your first bag! That is exactly what my first bag was too!! It is not an over night bag though.

  10. You are a fast learner, it took me years to learn!
  11. Congrats on your first! ;)
    Just stick around this forum for a bit & very soon you'll become an expert heheh :biggrin:
  12. congrats on your first LV!!! :yahoo: like the others said, the 30 is not an overnight sized bag. you may want to look into either the speedy 40, keepalls, or a large tote like the neverfull gm (which may be more price friendly).

    as for learning about LVs, reading here, elux, and vuitton.com really helps. if you ever have an authenticity question, post it in the authentication thread. the members who post there regularly are very knowledgeable and you can learn a lot from them. takes time, but its a fun thing to learn about :smile:
  13. keep coming back here, lots to learn, as did myself when i first join TPF, it rocks!
  14. Congrats ... perfect choice for first LV!