Louis Vuitton Excentri-Cite

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  1. Hey guys,

    Just wanted your opinion on the Excentri-Cite bag. I have one and am thinking about selling it.
    Thanks to a purse forum member (you know who you are:smile: ) I have my eye on yet another bag.

    I'm wondering if I sell it would anyone be interested??? Depending on the feedback that I get I will list it in the marketplace

    Here's a pic from my bagshowcase. You can see it on the rightthand side. its a bit covered by my pochette and my bootleg post-it watermark, but you can still pretty much see it. (lol)

    The bag retails for $935

  2. Can it fit over your shoulder?
  3. ^same question.

    Cool bag! I haven't searched them . . are they rare/HTF . . .
  4. ^^^ It is cute, always on Elux, great for travel! When I see it in the store it looks small though, but I've never looked closely!
  5. No, it can't fit on your shoulder. It definitely a hand held bag.

    I went to eluxury to find the current price for it just before I started this thread and it wasnt there so I just called 1866vuitton. But you can find in on the Louis Vuitton website for a better pic.

    I actually really like it because although its a part of the regular mongram line you really don't see people carrying it a lot.

    But I've got my eye on something else again which is why i'm considering letting this one go

    let me just take a pic of mine so you can see it better ;)
  6. Okay here we go.
    According to the LV website this bag measures 11.4 X 10.6 x 11:biggrin:
  7. Thoughts anyone else????
  8. They are not on elux anymore. Alteast they were not this morning. But yes you can find them here and there in your local boutique
  9. :biggrin: you dont happen to be thinkin about getting rid of that white speedy r u??
  10. No. :lol: (LOL)
    I love my MC speedy. Not selling it anytime soon. Thanks for asking though :biggrin:

    But my Excentri-Cite is officially for sale. Posted in the marketplace
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