Louis Vuitton Evidence..

  1. Anybody got some info about these new sunnies..?

    Next week I will be in Paris and I wanna know how much they are and if they are limited..
    LV evidence.JPG
  2. owh my, beautiful!!! but sorry.i know nothing bout tht sunglasses. but, even if its limited..everything is possible in Paris!! :happydance:
  3. I don't think they're limited, but the price is 600$US
  4. ^
    They are limited, they're from the summer collection.
  5. They are $615.00 USA and 405 euros
  6. they're really limited.
    I would have bought myself a pair but I recently bought sunglasses.
    O they also come in tan and this deep color red
  7. i got to try a black pair yesterday. it's the only one in Australia at the moment and its on hold for somebody else. i LoVe it! im just waiting for the burgundy to arrive :nuts: