Louis Vuitton ever offers sale in USA???

  1. Hi everyone
    My name is Stephanie and I am from Cyprus.I have been buying stuff from eBay for the last 2 years now and I can say that Iam excited since I buy brands that we dont have in my country!I thought after a while to become a powerseller and focus on Louis vuitton Limited editions since I do have the access to the shop here in Cyprus.Now my question is how can eBay sellers (especially one) that trully sells authentic stuff (I can tell 100%)and also most of the stuff she sells are limited editions sell them below retail price?I know for sure that louis vuitton never offers discounds or sale on anything!If she sells below retail then how does she make profit out of it?Pls advice on this issue
  2. A lot of it is either fake or previously owned.
  3. It can't be brand new and selling below retail....otherwise she's just kind of stupid LOL It occasionally happens that you lose money on a brand new bag, but not that often!
  4. Sellers have different reasons for selling their LVs on eBay. First, they just want to sell to fund another bag. Sometimes the purse they've listed sell way beyond retail b/c of the demand for that particular style of purse (new or used). Hence, the seller will make a profit. Sometimes sellers will list an item lower than retail just to lure people to bid.

    Another facet to answer your question about selling below retail would be b/c LV never have "sale." Therefore, if you bought a bag in 2000 for $500 and the price for that bag increased by $200 (current cost is $700), the seller can still try to sell that bag for $600, w/c is below retail, but she'll still make a profit.

    I hope that answered your question.
  5. Thank you all for your answers but as I saw from this sellers listings she sells all bags that are now in the shop and they are limited editions.for ex the MONOGRAM MIRAGE MUSETTE BORDEAUX she sold for $2020 and retail is over $2512!So she lost!Also the LOUIS VUITTON NEW MONOGRAM LEATHER MAHINA GRIS XXL she sold for $3050 instead of the retail almost $3500!!These are new bags that are now offered in the Louis Vuitton stores so I quess they are not used and I think not even copied as fakes yet!This seller has over 2200 possitive feedback and she is 100% possitive!If she ever sold a fake I believe someone from those 2000 buyers would understand the difference.
  6. cyauthentic both of the Louis Vuitton bags you have mentioned are already available on the counterfeit sites!
    Do they sell only Louis Vuitton or all designer brands?
  7. Most of the bags she sells is Louis Vuitton!
  8. Can you post one the auction links on here!
  9. Sure at love that but the listings ended!Can I post it anyway?
  10. Yes post it and we can look at seller history and see if they are a counterfeit seller!
  11. I can give you this sellers ID so you can check it for yourself.The ID is luvmy3pugs.Take a look and tell me what you think!
  12. All her items look ok to me! Its probaly worth posting this thread in the LV section as she may be a known seller to them!
  13. Yes I know that she is selling authentic stuff!But I cant understand how is this worth doing!She is loosing is all of her auctions.
  14. You may want to just email her to ask her.
    I emailed her awhile back because someone was using her pics to sell bags on ioffer. I never got a response from her though.
  15. Well, I once heard from a previous LV employee in Las Vegas that she gets 80% for end of the season ready to wear and 75% off returned merchandise so maybe she's an employee that can get access to the 75% off returned merchandise?? I dont know if there's a limit to how much they can buy though?
    I am not a fan of LV so I dont really know if there's a sale or not? maybe you should post in LV forum so they can tell you.
    By the way, I recall there was once someone posted that her friend on my poputte is selling fakes on ebay but has 100% glowing feedbacks because it was AAA replica and most people dont know better. So maybe this is what's happening?