Louis Vuitton Eva clutch and Speedy 30 in Mono/Damier?

  1. I'd say mono Eva and damier Speedy!
  2. That's exactly what I did last summer! : )
  3. I am having the same dilemma and right now I am leaning towards Eva in mono and Speedy in damier.

    Eva in azure coming soon? Oh dear...!
  4. speedy=damier

    I just wouldn't spend that much on the clutch unless you really like to wear small bags. If I could only have one, I would get a speedy first
  5. Hie there.. which part of Msia do u live in? :smile:

    Btw, thanks for ur vote~! I hope i can decide soon n buy them before Xmas.. :biggrin:
  6. V r having de same dilemma ya.. sigh...

    Nway, jus to share wit u.. de votes as for now:-

    Eva mono n speedy damier - 18 votes
    Eva damier n speedy mono - 9 votes
    Eva n speedy damier - 5 votes
    Eva n speedy mono - 3 votes

    Hope tis info wil also help u ya... ;)
  7. To all de babes who has replied,

    A very big thank u for all de votes/suggestions.. very much appreciated.. :hugs:

    Any more votes/suggestions coming in?
  8. I prefer the Eva in Mono. For the Speedy, both are must-haves so it depends on what you want first. You'll get the other one later, promise! ;)
  9. I vote for both in mono! Good luck choosing.
  10. I like Eva in mono (i find the plate in front too big on the damier); then speedy in damier.
    I am planning on having this exact combo in my collection (one day!)
  11. hehe..
    Stay @ JB...and u??

    Hope u can decide and get them soon...dun forget to reveal them wor...:yahoo::yahoo:
  12. Damier Speedy 30:smile:
    Although you might not like the "handles" if you are used to the vachetta from the typical speedy
  13. I love my Eva Damier, but why don't you purchase the mono for me, that way, 'I' will have it both styles. :graucho: I promise I'll let you know how I like it. ;)
  14. I suggest damier in speedy 30 and eva in a mono
  15. Another vote for Eva mono and Speedy damier.