Louis Vuitton Ete 2008 Richard Prince Bag

  1. That's got be a fake. This line is not even out yet!
  2. Somone posted this same auction a few months ago... I doubt it's a fake. It's more than likely a gift to the press?
  3. i agree- prob a gift to the press.....but wierd all the same
  4. its the exact same pics and such from the previous auction. did this person not sell it the first time around?
  5. No idea...
  6. It's the same auction as the one we saw a few weeks ago: identical pictures and wording.
  7. So, nobody bought it then. Is it really 'the real thing'?
  8. The seller has probably another one, this is a great seller. I've contacted him about the bag. He said that it was a vip fashion press gift.
  9. some seller post the same item multi times under different catagory to boost search result.
  10. Thats the exact same thing I was thinking....But I believe it did sell. I remember there were loads of bids on it.
  11. This is another bag!!!
    I actually bought this bag a few months ago... I brought it to LV store they told me it's authentic LV bag!!!! This bag looks much better in real life!!!!
  12. they did? wow! usually they don't know what's coming to the stores lol. so you're the one who bought it on the first auction....cool!!! :tup:
  13. Serious?!!! Wow! how much did you pay for it? I think it's gorgeous! i want one but the framed one.

    Post photos of you modelling it!