Louis Vuitton espadrilles?

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  1. Hey everyone :smile:

    I was wondering if some of you know about these new LV espadrilles? I have seen some pictures on instagram, and some pics online were it says these are a part of the spring/summer collection.. And someone at chanel section also said that she tried these on, and they are really nice.. she also said they will be availabe in stores on either 21st or 25th march..

    If they are a part of the spring/summer collection, they need to be mine :biggrin:

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  2. Look comfy indeed
  3. Tried them on yesterday (the blue). They are so comfy!! I think they retail around $535 but I could be wrong. I didn't write the price down. They look very durable, too! I might get them when they're released later this month :smile:
  4. They are already on the Louis Vuitton Australia website AUD$690, AUD$110 more expensive than my Chanel espadrilles... but I want to give them a try, look so comfy indeed :biggrin:
  5. Sorry I have no knowledge to offer on these...I just wanted to say those coral ones will be mine!!! 😍
  6. the coral ones are soooo beautiful!!!😍
  7. The coral ones are gorgeous! :love:
  8. The coral ones are beautiful!
  9. i have the leather single sole chanels, and i love them! i see these are canvas single sole so fit would definitely be a concern of mine but they look adorable and I will have to get a pair. I do hope they come in other colors though
  10. They're nice, but I prefer the Chanel ones.
  11. They look pretty and comfortable but I do not like writing on my shoes or clothes

  12. +1 Good point! That's the only thing I don't love about these. Otherwise I know for certain I'd get them! They are so comfy though...
  13. I'd rather get a pair of TOMS for $50. To me espadrilles are supposed to be fun and disposable.

  14. Were they true to size?

  15. I don't think so. I'm 8.5 but fit perfectly in an 8.