Louis Vuitton Equals...

  1. Was thinking bout this last night due to a comment in a thread yesterday...

    My dream petite Noe would equal the cost of my horse I am buying (but, need to hold due to LV purchases), and the cost of reupholstering my grandmother's sofa with Koi fabric that I did this summer; and that's all I can think of right now... emotionally it all doesn't equate, but it's good to think of your purchases like that to help keep things in perspective... I guess... I might be justifying my ban...:hysteric:
  2. Pretty horse you got there..

    Which noe is your dream noe?? I don't know the price of horse..
    My Dh always reminds me about the bags cost, 1 bag can feed starving kids for 1 year.. argh..makes me feel bad..
  3. The Murakami white petite Noe, $1500 before the price increase, now $1560; horse = $1500 (JJ); he's FABULOUS,, thanks! and Sofa upholstery $1500....

    crazy, huh? But, the sofa is already deteriorating due to pug hair, and JJ will is a relationship with a living being (so, not sure you can count that)... but, anyhoo,,, the crazy love for LV is hard to put a price on once you get it.... know what I mean, the $$$ just stop mattering...
  4. Here's a really stupid question, what does DH mean, I know H is husband, but what's the "D" part???? (okay, I'm an idiot)...:nuts:

  5. LOL DH: Darling husband/ Dear husband..but when he's being annoying..da*n Husband..:lol:
  6. for me, $1500 could buy me a nice lv or it could buy the fridge with icemaker/water dispenser that my husband wants to get. :lol:
  7. Yep. I'd rather have the LV and live with the fridge I've got... see? that's why we're addicts...
  8. haha... so true. a fridge is a fridge but an lv is forever! hahahaha
  9. Word.
  10. Wow! $1500 for a horse is a smokin deal!! :smile:

    I have an Arabian who is probably the equivalent of 1 LV trunk and a few Suhali pieces!! :smile: He is soooo worth it though!
  11. i know I know LV is soo expensive...it even has me thinking second hand good con'd bags may be the way to go...love your horse!! My dog is the price of an LV...I love him more than LV...would not trade him for a bag...he is my soul doggie and best friend!!!!!
  12. I always make sure that what I donate to charity ALWAYS outdoes what I spend on luxury items like Vuitton. I can't live with myself knowing I spend all that money on bags n such and not giving the same amount to others in order to help them :smile:
  13. Wow Couturegal, an Arabian, how beautiful is that? You're in the real horse world,,, What color??? Send a pic if possible, Arabians are so gorgeous, love the shape of their heads....

    I'm just a cowgirl working in an office and JJ is just a lil ole cowpony, half quarter horse and half Spanish Barb, but he is FAST as HELL!!! Am riding in a clinic next week and can't wait...yep. He's a good deal, even for a cowpony...
  14. Fun!!! I show (or used to, before school homework got out of control!!) halter, western pleasure, etc...

    I looove to ride English and jump as well!

    JJ sounds awesome! What a great horse:smile:

    Riding clinics are so fun! I have taken Sunny to many Pat Parelli Natural Horsemanship Clinics...have u ever heard of him?

    I don't have any pics of Sunny scanned into my computer, just my chihuahuas!! I feel like such a bad mom!! I will see if my fiancee can help me scan a few in:smile:
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
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