Louis Vuitton Epi Pochette in Lilac - Authentic??

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  1. Hi Everyone - this is my first post ever :yes:

    I :heart: the Louis Vuitton epi collection in Lilac but am forced to look on eBay since the color has been discontinued. The pictures on this auction don't look like the actual photos :shrugs:, but rather ones from a different website.

    Either way, was wondering if anyone could tell whether this bag is real or fake from looking at the seller's username/details of pictures. Any input would be greatly appreciated. ;) Thanks.

    - emJ

    eBay: MINT 100% AUTH LOUIS VUITTON EPI LILAC POCHETTE BAG (item 160044407991 end time Oct-31-06 18:33:46 PST)
  2. welcome..

    but this belongs to authenticate this LV sub forum :flowers:
  3. It's real but please post any authenticity questions in the Authenticate This thread at the top of this forum.

    And welcome to the Purse Forum! :flowers:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.