LOUIS VUITTON EPI Black Sac d'epaule GM bag/pouch

  1. Does anyone have one of these? I wonder how big they are??

    Here is a pic of one...


  2. I don't have it..i like the pouch.
  3. It looks similar to Petit Noe/Petiti Bucket size.
  4. Actually, I take that back. Looks like a reg. size Noe to me.
  5. Thanks....that's what I was wondering. I think it will be to big for what I am looking for
  6. I have one but unfortunately I don't have it with me right now. If I remember correctly, it's holds quite a bit less than the Noe b/c the top tapers up. I don't remember mine coming w/ the pouch though :wondering.
  7. I believe the Sac D'Epaule was made in two sizes - the larger one came with the pouch. I had the smaller one in black and in fawn and they held way less than the Petite Noe for sure! I could only put items into the bottom as the top half folds up to close. I sold both. :sad: But I love the shape - very classy! :yes:
  8. i also looking for this one its beautiful can i buy it at shop or just e bay?tnx
  9. Hi, I know this thread is way old but I can't find any info on this bag at all. Does anybody know when this bag was first made? I know that LV have stopped producing these bags.

    Any information is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I'm not sure when they started making it, but I have a black one in the smaller size and it was made in 1991.

  11. I have a video featuring this bag :biggrin:

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  12. I just bought the smaller one in Fawn off eBay and I'm totally in love with it! With it being a vintage piece I just wanted to know if it had some kind of history behind it like the Speedy or Noe. Mine was made in 1993. The oldest I've seen online is from 1991 so I guess we can assume that's when LV first started making it.

    I'll be sure to check out you video Axel!
  13. This is quite vintage!