Louis Vuitton Easter Cake!

  1. My good friend and my mom suprised me with this today. Isn't it adorable! :heart: The detail is just amazing, irl!
    cake1.JPG cake3.JPG
  2. cute I wouldn't want to eat it!
  3. Wow, how cute! Your mom and friend have a lot of talent!
  4. it looks like better than the MC ones Ive seen congrats...
  5. yummy
  6. Oh wow, thats fantastic! I want cake too now. Yum!
  7. Too Cute!!
  8. How cool! I want cake now! Yum...
  9. that's so cute and creative
  10. Actually my mom came up with the idea as a suprise for me but my friend did all the work. She's got alot of talent, I think. Thanks for the compliments. Oh- btw- it did taste wonderful but I didn't want to cut it. :smile:
  11. Very cute! Your friend is very talented.
  12. So cute!

    Is that your favorite LV style?
  13. Mmm, that is incredible!!!
  14. wow, beautiful cake! I don't dare to eat it if I were you hehe
  15. Yes, that is my fave LV purse right now.