Louis Vuitton Earrings

  1. Does anyone have the hoops with the little charms hanging from them? They come in gold and in silver with a LV charm, a lock charm and a pastel flower hanging.
  2. I don't have them, but I would love to see a picture!
  3. I wanna see a pic as well.
  4. oh the new ones in the costume jewelry?

    I have a friend who has a lot of the fine jewerly earrings among other things, I doubt that helps though?
  5. I saw them yesterday and put them against my ear. Although they look cute, I wasn't feeling the charms hanging. I thought it looked too busy on me. Might not be busy for someone else, but for me it was.
  6. They're from the Sweet Monogram line. They're cute but I love the earrings I have better than those. I'm just not a big earring person I guess.
  7. I love them! I would go for it if I was a woman, color wise... um the white looks more like silver to me (the charms look white but not the earring it self, I am sure its white though) I think I would do the Pastel since it has more than 1 color
  8. Oh i LIKE those!
  9. Also, to note, that picture just about represents the actual size, give or take a little.
  10. they are big then!
  11. Do you know how much they are?
  12. Not sure, $250 or $260ish?
  13. hmmmm maybe I need these instead of a bandeau for MOther's Day!
  14. I just bought the silver hoops w/the white charms and am waiting for the gold. I love them!
  15. Ok thanks for the pics, I am going to get the gold!!